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Let's Review!

The Leicester Student Law Review Podcast

Welcome to Let’s Review – a division of the Leicester Student Law Review! A podcast sharing with you emerging issues, cases, and challenges happening in the legal sector. Current legal challenges are complex – from the rise in global crime rates to the climate crisis. These are the same challenges that are taking place in our Community.

From the rise in global crime rates to the climate crisis. There are the same challenges impacting our local communities. The Let's Review! podcast will explore some of these issues and research and the work being done is response. From tackling issues taking place on a global scale, this podcast invites students, faculty, staff, and change-makers from the broader legal sector to share their views and review the discrepancies that exist to work towards a brighter world.


Accused of a double-murder in 1933 Daniel P. Sampson, a Black WWI veteran, was the last man to be executed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, decades after his death - many questions remain unanswered. This episode sheds a light on the courts' historic grievances on matters of mental health and racism.

David Steeves is a Canadian barrister called to the provincial bars of Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario - where he resides. David has developed a complex civil litigation practice with appearances before all levels of court in Ontario including long trials as well as judicial and private mediations. In 2009, David earned a thesis-based LL.M. at Dalhousie University where his research focused on the areas of legal history as well as legal and litigation theory. During this graduate work, David was introduced to the case of Daniel Perry Sampson and his chapter on the case in The African Canadian Legal Odyssey was awarded the inaugural Race and the Law Prize by the Nova Scotia Barristers Society in 2009 and shared the 2013 Peter Oliver Prize by the Osgoode Society for the best publication by a student in the area of Canadian legal history.


We are joined by Dr. George Elliott Clarke as he offers a special rendition of his poem '1933' for this episode of Let's Review.

Hosted by Angel Panag: A Canadian JD Pathway student with a background in human rights and entertainment.

To listen to Episode Two of Let's Review! see the below links to listen or download for free, on Spotify or Spreaker.

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