Issue 11, Volume I

We proudly present Issue 11, Volume I of the Leicester Student Law Review.

We would like to thank our faculty advisers, Dr. Ewa Zelazna, Dr. Melissa Bone and Dr. Stephen Riley, for all of their valuable insights throughout the editing and publication process.

In addition, we would like to fondly acknowledge our Law Librarian, Jackie Hanes, for her indispensable wisdom and support throughout the academic year.

Finally, we would like to congratulate every author who has contributed to this issue. Without your hard work and research, the pages of this review would be blank. We are only as successful as the writers whose work we present.

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Issue 11, Volume II

We proudly present  Issue 11, Volume II of the Leicester Student Law Review.

This term, we were again delighted by the quality of research and composition of our Spring submissions. Categorised by jurisdiction, this volume of the Review touches on such topics as the digital evolution of testamentary dispositions during the global pandemic, the need for reform in the current version of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and the challenges of diversifying the Canadian Judicial Appointments system. Our award-winning essays include winners from the Victoria Fisher Memorial Prizes, the ELSA x Tech Law Essay Competition, and the Juliet Humphries and Michael Humphries QC Award.

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