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Competition-Winning Essays

We are pleased to announce UoL's participation with various essay writing competitions, of which we highly encourage UoL students to participate in for the chance to win prizes and academic credit for their work.
These competitions are fantastic opportunities for you to increase your employability and network with your peers and members of the legal community.
Submission details can be found below for the available competitions.

Book of Laws

Upcoming Competitions

  • ELSA Commercial Update Essay Competition

  • TechLaw Society and the 93% Club

  • Humphrey’s Award (for the best Analysing Law essay)

  • Cross Award (Sponsored essay competition)

  • What about us? Family Law essay competition (New addition)

ELSA Leicester Essay Competition

TechLaw X Elsa X UolLawReview

  • UoL's TechLaw Society, ELSA Leicester, and the 93% Club have partnered for an essay writing competition

  • The winner will:

    • Have their essay published in the UoL Law Review

    • Receive a £50 Amazon voucher

    • Have the opportunity to network with the recruitment team at the global law firm of Eversheds Sutherland


1.     Can digital assets and artificial intelligence be exploited to breach one's right to privacy?

2.     Can data gathered have a profound effect on social media's algorithms and thus affect an individual's information cycle and point of view?

Submission Details

  • Entrants must be University of Leicester Students

  • Entrants must answer one of the essay questions listed

  • The maximum word count is 2500 -- Those who exceed this limit by more than 50 words will be disqualified

  • Essays must include a cover page including your name, UoL email address, and year of study

  • Essays must also be saved as a Word document

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